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Kind visitor,
we are happy because you have not only discovered us for curiosity but also for interest. As you see, the purpose of our publication on the Internet, of the works of Saint Augustine is intended to satisfy to the intellectual demands of the researchers and to those spiritual of whom, behind a so great and sure teacher, seek the truth to find him, to love him and to help all those that have him into their heart to find him and to love him. We have started with the idea to publish the texts in the Italian language, above all because in this language we possess, already translated, all the works of Saint Augustine (with so much other material of support); we know then the cultural affairs of our country and we trust in having a good attention. At first, we didn’t think to the foreign languages … now, however, there are so many requests for a version of the site both in your language and in other languages. We have informed our publishing house about these requests, “Città Nuova”, and with it we have established to think seriously to also publish the works of Saint Augustine in other languages (English, Spanish, French, German). As you can imagine, this will take some time. But, be sure, we will do it.

If you want to receive updated information about the activities of our web site, please write to this address: news@augustinus.it (you can alwas cancel from the list). Our newsletter is in Italian and it's issued when a new book is published in the site or a new resource becomes available on it.