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Dear Visitor,

We imagine that you have opened our site not only out of curiousity, but also with a specific interest. For this, we are pleased and thank you. As you see, the purpose of publishing, via Internet, the complete writings of St. Augustine - both in Latin and Italian translation - is to fulfil the intellectual needs of scholars, as well as the spiritual needs of those who search, by means of such a great and reliable master, to find and to love the truth.

Our intention also is to publish many helpful appendices, (various indices, iconographies, bibliography, etc.), which will complete the bilingual edition of the Opera Omnia of St. Augustine, produced by the publishers "Città Nuova", in order to respond to the cultural interests of our Italian readers.

We are also engaged in another activity, intended for non-Italian readers, since we receive on our site many requests for other language versions. We have already begun an edition in Spanish, which is making swift progress. For other language requests we are for now constrained to direct visitors to the translations existing in other sites.

If you are interested in our site, let's keep in contact through the newsletter, full of updates and information, at news@augustinus.it. Or visit our site to receive news - you'll see there is always something new happening!